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Python is a computer language for programming that is object oriented. It has become extremely popular these days because of its application in web development.

Python is a computer language for programming that is object oriented. It has become extremely popular these days because of its application in web development. It is a very dynamic and versatile open source computer language that is being used for creation of be applications that are not only stable but also scalable. In fact, its ease of use and versatility has made it the preferred choice of businesses of all hues and sizes. This programming language takes care of a number of backend operations of diverse web applications. Some of the most popular web applications using python today are Google, Facebook, and Youtube. Whiznic Solutions has developed a mastery over this efficient and very versatile programming language and offers web application services based upon python to its clients.

Whiznic Solutions has been involved with Python ever since it came into existence a few years ago. We have a long experience of not just designing websites based upon python but also desktop applications and web based applications written using this language. The company has spent time and money on R&D on python development and today it has a team of talented Python developers who provide a wide range of services to our clients.

Development of dynamic websites

UI designing using python

Development of desktop applications

Development of web applications based on python

Development of web crawler using python

Services for directory integration

Python is today the preferred programming language of the web developers at Whiznic Solutions. Experts at the company make use of tools of Python to develop web applications that have a consistent record of high performance and great security features. Some of the applications where python is used extensively by our experts in India are data extraction, content parsing, networking, and social media sharing. By using python, our developers have helped in creation of beautiful looking and highly functional e-commerce and retail websites, websites for automobile industry, travel and tourism websites, and websites in manufacturing and services industry.

There are many frameworks that have been developed using python. Some of these frameworks being utilized by our experts to provide high quality services to our clients in India are as follows.


This is an open source framework that is loved by developers because of its elegance and high speed. This framework was basically designed to cater to the requirements of web developers involved with large scale web applications.


This is a large scale framework based upon python that is renowned for its high reliability and great speed. This framework is preferred by developers because of the presence of additional packages that it provides. These include catching and session modules, email system, and XML package.


This is a python based framework that is widely used for development of content management system for websites.


This is a large framework based upon python that is made using diverse tools. These include AJAX library, SQL Object, and Cherrypy framework.

No matter what your requirements or what the size or nature of your website, you can depend upon the expertise of our python developers to complete the project within deadlines to your full satisfaction.

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