Payment Gateway Integration

If you are considering to start a business online, the first thing you will need to account for is your payment gateway integration. With the right help, the entire process of setting up a payment feature on your website becomes a cake walk.

Simplifying Lengthy Procedures

In addition to helping business design and develop feature rich e-commerce websites, we at WhizNic also provide critical assistance in integrating payment gateways to get your business up and running. With a number of government norms and banking regulations to account for, documents to submit and coding work to execute, our back-end team is able to simplify the overwhelming process and make sure that your payment gateway is up and running in no time.

Kick-Starting your Online Business with our Payment Gateway Integration Services

In addition to making big decisions related to the type of business you intend to conduct online and the products you intend to sell, you will also need to identify the right method to charge for your offerings. With the help of our merchant account and payment gateway providers you will be able to easily accept checks and cards for transactions online.

Quick Setup

Your expenses are piling up and your business cannot afford to waste any extra second not making a sale. Our payment gateway offerings can be set up within hours of document verification and approval at highly affordable prices.

Receive Payments Online through Secure Service Providers

We have partnered with a host of secure service providers that are licensed to provide a variety of transaction related services. We are 100% confident about the security levels our partners adhere to, to make sure that your online payment processes take place seamlessly.

Our Integration of Payment Gateway Solutions Include –

Seamless transactions through a wide variety of methods

Troubleshooting when required

Help in acquiring the requisite documents to setup an account

Access to some of the most popular payment gateways

Integrating a tariff and payment gateway page into existing or new website

Why choose Whiznic over its competitors

Regardless of whether you are a small business offering 1-2 products on your website or a full-fledged ecommerce platform looking for a refined payment solution that is linked with your inventory and shopping cart, our integration solutions come with high levels of reliability and security that allow you to pursue business online with no worries.

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