Welcome To WhiznicSolutions

Whiznic Solutions had very modest beginnings but in a very short period of time, it has carved a niche for itself in the world of IT and software development. The company combined local talent with world services to provide software solutions to its clients at most affordable prices. Today, Whiznic Solutions is regarded as a reliable company that delivers high quality customized solutions to its clients on the dot. It provides its services to companies that are small and startups and also to huge corporations. Our sole aim while working with a client is to find solutions that simplify operations, maximizes revenue generation, and increase channels of communication.

Why Whiznic Solutions is better than its competitors

We are a one stop shop for IT related requirements

We provide cost effective solutions that are tailor made according to the requirements of clients

We have a huge reservoir of experience and expertise to make sure that our clients get the best possible solution to their problems

Complete transparency to allow clients to know what is happening with their projects

High level of security for client’s business is the hallmark of our company

Who Is WhiznicSolutions

We provide IT consultancy services to our clients after making an assessment of their existent IT structure. We identify the problem areas and offer solutions that help in maximizing the efficiency of the employees and the organization. Our expertise lies in software development and its implementation to solve the problems of our clients. Our team of experts has huge experience in diverse IT technologies such as Java, Magento, .net, CRM, Oracle, Business Intelligence, etc. We cater to our clients in wide ranging industries that include healthcare, financial organizations, retail chains, insurance, entertainment, and airlines.

It is our belief that IT technologies are there to simplify operations and to reduce time and effort to maximize profits of companies. This is why we aim to provide very cost effective solutions that are tailor-made according to the needs of our client. Also, we believe that whatever we do should be in the knowledge of the clients. This is the reason our projects are very transparent and involve our clients. This is one feature that is loved by our clients as they can rest assured that they are not being charged any hidden charges for our services. We keep our communication channels open all the time to allow our clients to have a clear understanding of work being done in their projects.

It is our vision to become a company that helps its clients to succeed in all their ventures. We play a helping hand by providing our experience and expertise to allow them to overcome their IT related problems. We are always there to help and assist our clients if there is any problem in future. We want to be known as a business partner that works quietly behind the scenes to make sure that the business grows and succeeds. We have a passion to become an IT services provider that is globally respected and one that works to see its clients succeed in their endeavors.